Hi Lindsay and Jenny, who are you ?

First and foremost we are sisters, mothers, daughters and adventure seekers. We have a desire to connect women in the outdoors and re-invent the bucket list for all women. 

What is the community Women who Explore ? Women Who Explore is a community for real women who are seeking real adventures. We are an all inclusive community that hosts meet ups and getaways that help you reinvent your bucket list. We are supportive, empowering and a kick ass group of women all over the world. 

When and how did this adventure begin ? We always knew we were put on this earth to do more than just pay bills and die. We saw a lack of women’s groups in the outdoors and decided to fill that void. We just turned one years old in August 2017. 

Why do you address to women in particular? We feel that women often feel the need to compete with one another, instead of empowering each other and we want to change that. Collaboration not competition is something we talk a lot about. Women coming together to encourage each other creates more opportunities for more women. 

What is the role of your ambassadors? We just launched our ambassador program and are currently going through applications as well as designing our program. Roles will include hosting monthly meet ups, contributing to the blog and spreading the word about our community. 

How are you organized ? Can anyone participate ? YES! If you are a women that enjoys being outdoors and exploring, you are a part of our tribe. The best way to participate is to follow along on social, join the local Facebook groups that will be launching in early 2018 and remember to get outdoors! Tag us on Instagram and use #womenwhoexplore so we can follow your outdoor adventures. 

Why do you think it’s important to get people outside their comfort zone ? In order to grow we must do thinks that make us uncomfortable. Some of the most rewarding experiences in life come from pushing yourself beyond your limits. 

What do you think about social networks ? We love social networks. We love to share our adventures with the world and we want you to share yours with us. When we created our online community we realized that we needed to connect women in person as well, and hence the weekend getaways and meet ups were created.